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​Current Project Status


The current status of BIDS/RFPs/RFQs can be found in the list below.  If you have additional questions please contact the respective Buyer.

If you would like to view Archived projects please click here to view Archives.

PJ199877Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery Affordable Rental Housing Program for the Harris County Community Services Department
PJ199759Temporary and Long Term Lease Space for Harris County Recovery TeamsAwardPJ199759Award.pdf
210156Construction of a reinforced concrete spillway and stilling basin for the Harris County Flood Control District210156Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0165Storage network area and object storage solutions, applications and related items for the Harris County Toll Road Authority210165Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0160Professional Architectural and/or Engineering Services for facility, maintenance, repairs, and rehabilitation for Harris County210160Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0158 Renovation and addiction of Mercer Volunteer Cottage for Harris County Precinct 4210158Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0157Oracle Training for Harris County Universal Services210157Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0153Laboratory testing of water and related items210153Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0152IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management System Software Modules, Support Services and Related Items for Harris County210152Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0151Erosion Repairs between Richey Street and Shaver street for the Harris County Flood Control District210151Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0149Northbound and Southbound Bridge Rehabilitation on Homestead Road at UPRR for Harris County Precinct 1210149Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0146Excavation and grading of the Aldine Westfield Storm water Detention Basin (Phase II)210146Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0145Professional Architectural and/or Engineering Services for a Healthcare and Social Services Center for Harris County210145Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0142Repair parts, labor and related items to maintenance and/or inspect bell helicopters and airbus helicopters for the Harris County Sheriff's Office210142Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0141Construction of strom sewer and sidewalks along El Dorado Boulevard from Horsepen Bayou to Clear Lake City Boulevard, Precinct 2210141Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0140Road Construction of Van Hut Lane over P121-00-00210140Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0137Asphalt Overlay for Various Roadways (Package 2021-1) for Harris County Precinct 1210137Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0136Reconstruction of asphalt roads along various roads including Porter, Longenbaugh, and Beckendorf roads210136Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0135Professional Architectural and/or Engineering Services to Design Modular Buildings for the Channelview Wellness Complex for Harris County Precinct 2210135Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0134Road Reconstruction along Edgar Street, Pinafore Lane, and Parish Road, Precinct 2210134Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0132Construction of hike and bike trail at Cypress Creek Greenway, Precinct 4210132Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0131Repairs/Reconstrucion of Concrete Pavement at Pheasant Run Section One for Harris County Precinct 3210131Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0130Road Construction on Spring Cypress Road at US 290 for Harris County Precinct 3210130Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0129Repairs to the Storm Outfall Countrywide for the Harris County Flood Control District 210129Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0128Drainage Sedimnent Removal and disposal (South) for the Harris County Flood Control District210128Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0127Removal of Sediment and Structural Repairs at Cypress Creek Channel and Tributaries (Batch II) for the Harris County Flood Control District210127Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0126Tactical Single Launchers and Accessories for the Harris County Sheriff's Office210126Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0125Construction of Sidewalks along Vickery Street from Aldine Mail Route to Lauder Road and along W.E. Crowley Road, Precinct 2210125Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0122Drainage and Road Improvements in the Skeetville Subdivision for Harris County Precinct 1210122Tab.pdfIn Progress
21/0121Drainage Improvements at Meadow Lake Tract A Subdivision for Harris County Precinct 1210121Tab.pdfIn Progress
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