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Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the Purchasing Agent is to acquire appropriate goods and services essential to the operation of Harris County government and certain other governmental agencies in a timely and prudent manner, considering quality, value, and economy.   All purchases are made in compliance with the Texas Local Government Code (LGC), other relevant law and best business practices.

Through anticipation of County requirements, proper planning, preparation and development of its employees, the Purchasing Office actively pursues opportunities for cost savings, economies of scale and broadening and diversification of its vendor base. 


Vendor Information

County agencies spend millions of dollars annually providing necessary services to the citizens of Harris County.  It is our goal to ensure that these expenditures achieve maximum value for money by ensuring efficient practices, transparent processes, and fair and open competition.  We work with agencies and suppliers to improve collaboration, and sustainability while promoting innovation and value.  Under the County Purchasing Agent, the Office of the Purchasing Agent is responsible for all County contracts for goods, services, and construction.

As stewards of the public trust, we observe the highest standards of integrity, honesty and fairness and discharge our duties and responsibilities regardless of personal considerations avoiding circumstances that create an appearance of impropriety.  We will protect the county's assets and its reputation through professional and personal conduct that is above reproach.  We expect the same from our partners.

Vendors can visit our, "How to do business with Harris County" page to learn more about our services.   

Bonfire Portal

Harris County Purchasing Department uses Bonfire to manage suppliers and to distribute and receive bids and proposals online.  Registration is open and once registers suppliers will receive automatic email notification of project opportunities based on the NIGP code selections.   

Please visit the Harris County Bonfire Portal  to register your business. 

There is no cost to register as a supplier. For more information on how to register and submit your bids and proposals through Bonfire, please watch this short video found below.

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