Department Directory

Employee Job Title Commodity Phone Number E-Mail Address

Purchasing Agent

Dopslauf, DeWight C.P.M., CPPO Purchasing Agent   713-274-4400
Assistant Purchasing Agents
Patterson, Juanita  CPPB Assistant Purchasing Agent Technology, Psychological and Social Services, Financial Services, and Procurement Cards (P-Card) 713-274-4409
McInnis, Paige Assistant Purchasing Agent Construction, Facilities, Fleet Services and Department Operations (Court Management, Compliance, Computer Support and Vendor Management) 713-274-4485
Purchasing Agent's General Counsel
Petty, Thomas (Scott) Assistant County Attorney   713-274-4431
Harris, Tiffany Compliance Manager   713-274-4397
Kaminski, Chrisopher Purchasing Center of Excellence Director   713-274-4419
Harris, Jeremy Director of Process Improvement & Engagement Manager    713-274-4746
Potter, Lauren Business Analyst   713-274-6876
Sanda, Jahanavi Data Fellows Analyst   713-274-4400
Construction and Ground Maintenance Division
Garcia, Nancy Sourcing Manager (Construction and Ground Maintenance Division) Construction 713-274-4410
Abbey, Jared Senior Buyer Construction 713-274-4467
Heinzmann, Maria Senior Buyer Construction 713-274-4434
Jackson, Kenneth (Arlon) Senior Buyer Construction 713-274-4426
Bars, Lyndsey Senior Buyer Lawn/Tree Services 713-274-4428
Cole, Yoche Buyer Construction (Purchase Orders) 713-274-4427
Rodriguez, Sheila Buyer Lawn/Tree Services 713-274-4415
Facilities and Fleet Division
McCord, Melissa Sourcing and Contract Management Director Building Maintenance, Office Supplies, Janitorial Services 713-274-4424
Sloan, Martha J.  C.P.M. Contracts Administrator Furniture, Office Paper, Printing, Uniforms 713-274-4433
Seastrunk, Amber Sourcing Manager   713-274-4399
Obot, Margaret Senior Buyer Building Maintenance/Janitorial 713-274-4482
Browder, Teresa Senior Buyer Industrial/Office Supplies/Miscellaneous 713-274-4422
Bell, Brittani Senior Buyer Fleet (Vehicles/Equipment) 713-274-4438
Ellis, Leslie Senior Buyer Building Maintenance/Janitorial 713-274-4408
LaChapelle, Paul Buyer Miscellaneous Building/Furniture/Fleet/Industrial under $50,000 713-274-4407
Salinas, Priscilla Buyer Miscellaneous Building/Furniture/Fleet/Industrial under $50,000 713-274-4420
P-Card / Financial Services Division
Bob, Lytrina P-Card Manager / Sourcing Manager (Financial Services Division) Accounts Payable/Auditing Services 713-274-4796 
Psychological and Social Services Division
Woodard, Jeremy Sourcing Manger (Psychological and Social Services Division) Case Management/Substance Abuse, Medical, Psychological Services 713-274-4401
McGarrity, Matthew Senior Buyer Case Management/Substance Abuse, Medical, Psychological Services 713-274-8704
Barelas, Jessica Senior Buyer Case Management/Substance Abuse, Medical, Psychological Services 713-274-4549
Zapata, Gisselle Senior Buyer Case Management/Substance Abuse, Medical, Psychological Services 713-274-4321
Herdrich, Luke Senior Buyer Food, Medical, Pharmaceutical Services 713-274-4895
Elliott, Scott Buyer Medical and Social Services Projects under $50,000 713-274-4898
Pena, Richard Buyer Medical and Social Services Projects under $50,000 713-274-4451
Technology, Consulting and Staffing Division
Douglas, Corey Sourcing Manager (Information Technology Division) Information Technology (IT), HCTRA, Consulting and Staffing 713-274-4481
Melancon, Sandra Contracts Administrator Technology, Consulting and Staffing    713-274-4435
Rahmdel, Azadeh Senior Buyer Technology, Consulting and Staffing 713-274-4896
Camacho, Jose Senior Buyer Consulting, Special Technology Projects and Law Enforcement Technology 713-274-4411
Acosta, Patrick Senior Buyer HCTRA 713-274-8493
Maynus, Taliyah Buyer HCTRA, Financial & Legal Services Agreements/HCTRA under $50,000 713-274-4432
Williams, Robert Buyer Consulting, and Technology Projects under $50,000 713-274-4471
Trinh, Dat Buyer Consulting, and Technology Projects under $50,000 713-274-4897
Dowl, Linda Buyer Consulting, and Technology Projects under $50,000 713-274-4480
Administrative Operations Division / Vendor Support
Houston, Peter Senior Computer Systems Administrator / Supervisor (Administrative Operations Division)   713-274-4406
Burgasser, Gerald Computer Systems Administrator   713-274-4425
De Leon, Cruz Senior Administrative Operations Coordinator   713-274-4463
Castro, Serena Support Coordinator/ Receptionist   713-274-4473
Kendall, Suzanne Vendor Management Administrator   713-274-4476
Acosta, Elizabeth Vendor Management Coordinator   713-274-4417
Hernandez, Sabrina Vendor Management Coordinator   713-274-4464
Court Management Division
Savala, Ashley Court Administrator / Supervisor (Court Management Division)   713-274-4398
Nicholas-Andrews, Laura Purchasing Coordinator   713-274-8705
Tafoya, Alexandria Purchasing Coordinator    713-274-4430

Harris Health System

Adger, Jack  CPPO,CPPB Assistant Purchasing Agent   346-426-1364
Dansdill, Jeffrey Admin. Director - Compliance PI & Compliance 346-426-1374
Kostecki, Angela Customer Engagement Rep Customer Engagement 346-426-1376
Lessenge, Luciana (Shauna) Administrator - II P-Card 346-426-1378
John, Saju Director - Operations Operations 346-426-1380
Venter, Quentin Analyst Operations 346-426-1434  
Alexander, Elzie (Annette) Vendor Management Coordinator - III Operations 346-426-1365
Lee, Megan Vendor Support Coordinator - II Operations 346-426-1383
Medical Services
Ba, Fatimatia Strategic Sourcing Director - Medical Services Medical Services 346-426-0100
Bulycheva, Anastasia Sourcing Manager - II Medical Services 346-426-0100
Del Aguila, Francisco J Strategic Sourcing Director - Services Services 346-426-1375
Tosetto, Paulo Sourcing Manager - II Services 346-426-1390
Burton, Christopher Strategic Sourcing Director - Technology Technology 346-426-1379
Rodriguez, Maryann Sourcing Manager - II Technology 346-426-1388
Bush, Karen Strategic Sourcing Director - Equipment Equipment 346-426-1371
Banas, Nichole Sourcing Manager - II Equipment 346-426-1386
Le, Megan Buyer Equipment 346-426-0100
Maze Brown, Aileen Strategic Sourcing Director - Products Products 346-426-1323
Rivas, Steven E Sourcing Manager - II Products 346-426-1387
Barron, Sophonie Contracts Manager - I Products 346-426-1820
Cabrera, Tanya Contracts Manager - I Products 346-426-1385
Contracts & Sourcing
Pawlik, Sue Admin. Director - Contract Management Contracts & Sourcing 346-426-1384
Jordan, Ebony Contracts Manager - II Contracts 346-426-1993
Jose, Winsten Contracts Manager - II Contracts 346-426-1392
Patel, Binta Contracts Manager - II Contracts 346-426-1556
Casarez, Daniel Contracts Manager - I Contracts 346-426-1372
Delouche, Jacques Contracts Manager - I Contracts 346-426-1391
Carver, Kim Sourcing Specialist - IV Sourcing 346-426-1373
Fuschillo, Cheryl Sourcing Specialist - III Sourcing 346-426-1368
Joshi, Disha Sourcing Specialist - III Sourcing 713-426-1382
Samuel, Lizy Sourcing Specialist - III Sourcing 346-426-1377
Hamilton, Kenisha Sourcing Specialist - III Sourcing 346-426-1353
Guevara, Vanessa Sourcing Specialist - III Sourcing 346-426-1321   

Purchasing Services

Villanueva, Jerry Administrative Manager Purchasing Services Division 713-274-1432
Inventory Department
Prashaw, Emanuel Inventory Supervisor Annual Inventory, General Inventory Questions 713-274-1447
Sellers, Seth Inventory Specialist Tagging, Inspections 713-274-1435
Dominguez, Ismael Inventory Specialist Tagging, Inspections 713-274-1413
Pena, Richard Inventory Specialist Tagging, Inspections 713-274-1448
Toman, Jason Inventory Specialist Tagging, Inspections 713-274-1444
Auction Department
Gonzalez, Jessie Auction Supervisor Inventory Deletions & Transfers, Auction Services 713-274-1434
Benavides, Rey Inventory Specialist Receiving Warehouse 713-274-1423
Aviles, Illanis Inventory Specialist Surplus Showroom 713-274-1420
Luna, Angel Inventory Specialist Auction Questions, Surplus Showroom 713-274-1436
Marrufo, Leticia Inventory Specialist Cashier, Auction Services 713-274-1430
Toler, Jeffery Inventory Specialist Auction Warehouse 713-274-1425
Warehouse Department
LeJeune, Michael Warehouse Supervisor Surplus Warehouse Pickups and Deliveries Receiving 713-274-1424
McGuire, Charla Inventory Specialist Receiving Warehouse 713-274-1437
Gryder, Curtis Inventory Specialist Receiving Warehouse 713-274-1422
Avila, Kevin Inventory Specialist Receiving Warehouse 713-274-1421
Hildebrand, William Inventory Specialist Receiving Warehouse  713-274-1419
Leija, Said Inventory Specialist Receiving Warehouse 713-274-1431